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Curtis Wilson


Intentional Support. Quality Care.


I see the potential and strength in all my clients! 

Those who work with me know I will create a safe and nurturing space for them, either in person or virtually. My client-centered, engaging, and attentive approach allows my clients to open up quickly.


I help them develop insight from patterns in their life to make changes they want to see, and I embrace a systemic focus on therapy to understand all the factors in their life that may be impacting how they are currently feeling - including their personal and family history, cultural background, and relational history. My goal is to help them identify a path to a joyful and fulfilling life.  


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Couple Therapy

In couples work, I utilize Emotionally focused therapy as well as other strength-based modalities to process attachment ruptures and how to address those triggers and negative beliefs to help support changes in interactions in service of healthy functioning within the relationship.

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Individual Therapy

I utilize systemic theories to understand how outside sources from past relationships and family of origin impact the way we look at ourselves and how we navigate life.  We bring mindfulness to any negative beliefs and explore finding new ways of looking at ourselves and how best to support this new way of functioning.

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR is a very impactful modality that allows for clients to experience enhanced relief from trauma in a time-effective way.  It is a highly researched method of therapy and has been clinically proven as the most effective way to treat trauma by both the World Health Organization & American Psychological Association.

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